C-Level with Guest: Shane Jackson – President of Jackson Healthcare

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C-Level with Guest: Shane Jackson – President of Jackson Healthcare

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Here is the link to his book – https://www.amazon.com/Fostering-Culture-Leaders-Purposefully-Shaping-ebook/dp/B07D4QTLXP (profits from the book are donated to nonprofit organizations).

So I think we’ve got to let go of some of our anxiety about the future and realize that if we focus on our values and applying that decision today whether it’s in our business and our family it’s in our life the future’s going to take care of itself. On this episode of sea level I get to sit down with Shane Jackson President of Jackson Healthcare. So Shane I’m super excited to have you on today I know we were trying to get together a couple of times and then obviously covid hit and so we had to you know schedule, reschedule, reschedule, reschedule and just so everybody who’s watching in the video we are six feet apart. So even though we’re not we’re not wearing our mask… So Shane I’m really big into people’s backgrounds and how they got started and you know i know you’re the President of Jackson Healthcare you know father and husband and you know mentor of youth but an actor? Right into acting. Yeah, so yeah through high school and college and then even you know kind of after that for a while as a musician yeah uh and actor and it’s just always been such a great passion for me and really as we were talking a little while ago the surge of content, movie content everything’s being produced here in Georgia where we are really create the opportunity the last few years to be able to re-engage in

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