ADVICE: Should I send my headshots to producers?

Should I send my headshots to producers? I send my headshots to casting directors all the time, should I start sending them directly to producers?   So, it looks like you are already sending your headshots to casting directors and it sounds like it is unsolicited which I would advise against… I think unless you […]

How A Sense of Urgency Creates Success: It’s Got to be Life and Death

Create Success with a Sense of Urgency: It’s Got to Be Life or Death This morning, as I went out for my daily jog, something happened in my head that made me realize the correlation between feeling a sense of urgency and being able to consistently create success in life. As I was running, I […]

You MUST Have a Crystal Clear Vision

You must have a crystal clear vision and follow that vision all the way through. So I’m actually on the set of voices and I wanted to talk to you guys about a couple of things are actually setting up for the next shot but I wanted to talk to you about about vision so […]

#PitchChris Episode 9. Communication on Set – Product Placement and Funding – Pay to Play?

  On this episode of Pitch Chris We are going to be talking about communication on set, fund-raising and product placement and are you supposed to be paying talent agent your hard earned money? Hey welcome to episode 9 of Pitch Chris where you guys ask me questions about the entertainment business and I’m going to answer […]