Unexpected Events Can Turn Into Wonderful Blessings

When the Unexpected Happens, You Have to Push Through A lot of people think that because I was in Hollywood, and I was acting in movies, that I had it easy. I did NOT have it easy. I actually moved in 2007, and in 2008 was when, most of you guys know, the market crashed. Everything […]

Are You Dealing With Setbacks? | Chris DeBlasio

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and unexpected things happen to us that are out of our control. The most important thing to know is how we respond to these situations is what makes all the difference. Don’t let your setbacks hold you back! As an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Chris DeBlasio, founder of Agency […]

FREE ADVICE! Focus on the Journey Not the Goal!

Focus on the Journey Not the Goal! You will be Happier! So I just got into our hotel here and were I’m in Mobile Alabama we’re shooting a Movie entitled voices I’m actually the executive producer on but I also have a cameo role today Which is kind of cool. But I wanted to talk […]

#PitchChris Episode 27! Going from Drama to Comedy, Networking & Preparing to Pitch Your Script

#PitchChris Episode 27! Is it easier to go from drama to comedy or comedy to drama? Where do you network in Atlanta if you are in the entertainment business? What do you do to prepare to pitch your script? www.ChrisDeBlasio.com #ChrisDeBlasio #Agency850 #CelebrityCEO On this episode of #PitchChris… is it easier for a dramatic actor […]

Brad Thomas, CEO of IREIT explains what REITs are and how he is associated with President Trump

Brad Thomas, CEO of IREIT explains what REITs are and how he is associated with President Trump – On this episode of “C-Level,” I’m visited by my good friend Brad Thomas, the CEO of iREIT, and the author of “The Trump Factor.” – So, tell me, what exactly is a REIT? You’re a REIT expert, […]

Your Novel on Screen – How to Get Product Placement – Need a Literary Agent? #PitchChris Episode 8!

  #PitchChris Episode 8! On this episode of Pitch Chris I’m going to talk to you about if you just wrote a novel what do you do next to make it a TV show? What is the best way to get product placement in your film or television show? and do you really need a […]

How do you deal with pending doom?

So.. it is January 29th and today the weather man here in Atlanta predicted that we were going to have a blizzard… it’s going to be a catastrophe and everything is going to be shut down… So I wanted to show you guys this…. It is so bright you cant even see out my window.. […]

#PitchChris Episode: 031 Casting Advice, Getting Rights to Your Script, Info for Producers

  #PitchChris Episode: 031 🎬What do you need to know before you head into a casting office? 🤔How do you get the rights to your first script? 👍What is the #1 thing a producer needs to know? Today on the new, and improved, PitchChris, we’re gonna be talking about, what are some of the things […]