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Life is valuable how are you spending it?

Life is valuable… how are you spending it? So I want to hit you with something this morning On your way to work I want you to think about something when you get on the highway and you are doing 65,70,75 MPH if you drive fast the only thing the ONLY thing that is separating […]

Follow Your Dream! Live Like Most People Can’t.

It Takes Hard Work to Follow Your Dream, But it’s Worth It! There’s a lot of people who are working a job or doing something that they truly don’t enjoy doing in life, and it’s hard. They have to wake up and push themselves every single day. And they have to continue to go to work […]

How A Sense of Urgency Creates Success: It’s Got to be Life and Death

Create Success with a Sense of Urgency: It’s Got to Be Life or Death This morning, as I went out for my daily jog, something happened in my head that made me realize the correlation between feeling a sense of urgency and being able to consistently create success in life. As I was running, I […]

ADVICE: Do your roots go deep enough to weather HURRICANE FORCE WINDS???

Do your roots go deep? Can you weather the storm when it comes? Get a good support system! I don’t want to get to metaphorical with you guys today But I did want to show you something. I am actually here… I have some property in North West Florida… Where Hurricane Michael hit… I want […]

Make a Decision!

Make One Decision a Day and Achieve Success Some of you guys have to make a decision. Right? You have to decide what you want in life before you can expect to get it. Where do you want to work? How do you want to look? Who do you want to marry? What is your […]

Are you comfortable with change?

Are You Willing To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone? Most people hate change or anything that disrupts their daily process, especially in business or in your work life.  You have to understand that the world moves at a fast pace and you need to move with it. Are you open to change or are […]

ADVICE: Billionaires and YOU have this in common!

FREE ADVICE! Enjoy the Moments in Time So, I’m Actually hanging out here in a hotel room in Mobile Alabama. We’re actually shooting a movie out here. But I wanted to talk to you guys about something that’s really really near and dear to me and that’s the importance of time. Think about it the […]

Pitching Your Script in Conversation

This past week I was at the Atlanta Film Festival. If you’re in the entertainment industry and you haven’t been to a festival, you need to go. There is much more to success in the film industry than just writing and filming! Getting out there–really seeing first-hand what’s going on in the entertainment business–is priceless. […]

FREE ADVICE! Focus on the Journey Not the Goal!

Focus on the Journey Not the Goal! You will be Happier! So I just got into our hotel here and were I’m in Mobile Alabama we’re shooting a Movie entitled voices I’m actually the executive producer on but I also have a cameo role today Which is kind of cool. But I wanted to talk […]