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How can a producer get product placement in their movies?

How can a producer get product placement in their movies? YouTube: Facebook:… Instagram:… IMDb: Twitter: Website: LinkedIn:… Onset Atlanta:   How can a producer get product placement in their movie? It is great that you are thinking about product placement because that is a big thing […]

How do you deal with pending doom?

So.. it is January 29th and today the weather man here in Atlanta predicted that we were going to have a blizzard… it’s going to be a catastrophe and everything is going to be shut down… So I wanted to show you guys this…. It is so bright you cant even see out my window.. […]

Life is valuable how are you spending it?

Life is valuable… how are you spending it? So I want to hit you with something this morning On your way to work I want you to think about something when you get on the highway and you are doing 65,70,75 MPH if you drive fast the only thing the ONLY thing that is separating […]

Make a Decision!

Make One Decision a Day and Achieve Success Some of you guys have to make a decision. Right? You have to decide what you want in life before you can expect to get it. Where do you want to work? How do you want to look? Who do you want to marry? What is your […]

Motivation Station! Why Don’t People Keep Their New Year’s Resolution?

So.. we are about a week and a half into the new year And I want to hear what your new year’s resolution is. Go ahead and post in the comments And while you are doing that.. I want to hit you guys with a question Why is it that.. most people do not keep […]

Pitching Your Script in Conversation

This past week I was at the Atlanta Film Festival. If you’re in the entertainment industry and you haven’t been to a festival, you need to go. There is much more to success in the film industry than just writing and filming! Getting out there–really seeing first-hand what’s going on in the entertainment business–is priceless. […]

Producer Pitching – How to Do it the Right Way

Producer Pitching should NEVER be done over an email. [From the video Producer Pitching] “Okay, so I’m going to give you some words of advice about producer pitching. Never, ever, EVER pitch a producer in an email. I don’t know if you can see this…but this is insane. [Shows computer screen with a lot of […]

Reach Your Success by Helping Others

Reach Success the Right Way: By Helping Others Hi Friends! If you don’t know me, my name is Chris DeBlasio. I’ve worked in LA in the film industry and in New York for a number of years, and now we’re doing quite a bit of work here in Atlanta. I’m actually headed to a film shoot […]

This Thanksgiving… think about graciousness, perspective and not the little things

This Thanksgiving… think about graciousness, perspective and not the little things like getting the wrong type of milk in your coffee. Think about what you do have and what makes your life great. We are just around the corner from Thanksgiving and I know everyone talks about around the dinner table what they are thankful […]

Today Matters. How Will You Spend Your 24 Hours?

What We Choose to do Today Determines Our Tomorrow All we have in life is time, and how you spend your time determines how successful you are going to be. What you do today also starts a chain reaction for things to come. Think about it: if you exercise today, eat healthy today, and get twice […]