What does an Executive Producer Do in the movie business? YouTube – Chris DeBlasio= http://bit.ly/2ZiBH3c Facebook – Chris DeBlasio= : http://bit.ly/2Zi0fJH Instagram- Chris DeBlasio= : http://bit.ly/2Zirnsg IMDb- Chris DeBlasio= : https://imdb.to/2ZnBUm5 Twitter @Chris_DeBlasio = : http://bit.ly/2ZcDdUw Website- ChrisDeBlasio.com = : http://bit.ly/2Zepz3m LinkedIn- Chris DeBlasio = : http://bit.ly/2ZcxCh4 An executive producer generally handles the financial piece […]

Meeting your Heroes – Celebrity CEO Episode 007

Meeting your Heroes – Celebrity CEO Episode 007 - I'm the executive producer of a show called Unscripted, with Beth and Greer. And basically what it is, is we're interviewing a lot of people that work in the entertainment business, but we do have a little bit of a twist to the show. So, we […]

Your Novel on Screen – How to Get Product Placement – Need a Literary Agent? #PitchChris Episode 8!

  #PitchChris Episode 8! On this episode of Pitch Chris I’m going to talk to you about if you just wrote a novel what do you do next to make it a TV show? What is the best way to get product placement in your film or television show? and do you really need a […]