Chris DeBlasio

#PitchChris Episode 19! Table Reads on Resume? Background to Speaking Actor? Need Agent but No Credits?

#PitchChris Episode 19 is here!! Topics: Should you put table reads on your resume? Want to go from background actor to Speaking actor? Need a talent agent but don’t have any credits?   YouTube: Facebook:… Instagram:… IMDb: Twitter: Website: LinkedIn:… Onset Atlanta: #ChrisDeBlasio #Agency850 #CelebrityCEO […]

#PitchChris Episode 18!! Audition Preparation – Making Idea into Reality – Important Film Festivals

On this episode of #PitchChris, First time on an audition, what do you need to have with you to be prepared, got an idea, who are the people you need to hire around you to make sure that your idea happens and we all know about the Atlanta film festival, but what are the other […]