About Chris DeBlasio

Chris DeBlasio CEO of Agency 850 – Product Placement & Movie Production Company

As an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Chris DeBlasio, founder of Agency 850 and 850 Entertainment, has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for filmmaking that will not rest. While living in New Jersey, Chris studied professional acting at night in New York City while also working in sales & advertising during the day.  In 2007 he landed roles on several television shows, including One Life to Live, All My Children, Guiding Light, and CSI: NY. After relocating to Los Angeles to pursue acting, Chris realized his true passion for film production and the business side of filmmaking.

During his time in Los Angeles, Chris encountered numerous celebrities who were dissatisfied with how their websites displayed on mobile devices. So, he put his entrepreneurial spirit to work and developed a marketing firm to meet this need. It was the marriage of his two passions: Film and Advertising. In the years that followed, Chris worked tirelessly to build Agency 850 into a full-service Atlanta film production and product placement company to the entertainment business. As Owner and CEO, Chris leads Agency 850 in its focus on innovative filmmaking, product placement/integration in television and film, digital marketing, and branding.

Agency 850 is headquartered in the metro Atlanta area with offices in Panama City Beach, FL and Los Angeles. With local and state government support, Agency 850 strives to be the advertising and marketing arm to the growth of the entertainment business in Georgia, generating 9.5 billion dollars in 2017.  With cutting-edge marketing and brand placement, Agency 850 brings together the community and businesses, creating a relationship-first mentality that is often missing in advertising. His company motto is: “We Build Relationships, Not Just Ads” — and the Agency 850 team lives and breathes by that credo every day.

Always the movie lover, DeBlasio has created 850 Entertainment, a film production company that launched its first reality television series, Insurance Wars, in 2017. It follows a public adjuster who fights insurance claims on behalf of homeowners to ensure they are being compensated fairly for their loss. Through film and television, Chris connects businesses and brands to the people who need their services the most. Chris also helps young actors, filmmakers and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and realize their dreams with his website, chrisdeblasio.com, a site that informs, teaches, and inspires others to succeed.

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