How to Decide and Commit: Focus to Find Success

Focus and Find Success
Consistent Focus is the Key to Success

I’ve been involved in many different communities of people: My company, my Facebook Film Group, my friends and family, my acting colleagues back in New York and LA, and everyone in between. Within those groups, I’ve noticed people with one common issue which destroys their focus and minimizes their success.

And the strange this is that no matter what walk of life people find themselves, they always seem to struggle with this one simple thing.

Making A Decision.

Yes, we’ve all struggled before when a big change was looming. Most people hate change. They avoid it and would rather stay where they are instead of moving forward. But what they don’t realize is that the one way to get through the discomfort of change involves the power of focus. When you commit 100% and focus all your energy into one overarching goal, success is inevitable.

No One Gets Anywhere Without Focus.

One of my favorite books to read about Focus is called, aptly, The Power of Focus, by Jack Canfield. Basically, when you narrow down what you want (in anything) your chances of getting it increase exponentially.

For instance, if you wanted to go on a vacation and then decided you’d think about it tomorrow or the next day, do you think that trip would ever get planned?

And along the lines of vacations, consider this. If you wanted to take a holiday but didn’t narrow down your search according to the type of trip and location, how could you possibly get closer to realizing your dream vacation? You couldn’t! There are many steps to narrowing down a vacation: Type (snow, shopping, beach, tourist, group, cruise, close/far, etc.), Country, State, City, Type of Hotel, room requirements, dates, and so on.

But what if you went into your search for the perfect holiday knowing exactly what you wanted. You were committed to it and nothing else would do.

Yep! You’d be able to plan the perfect vacation easily, simply because you had thought about what you wanted, made a decision, and committed to it.

Being Successful Means Knowing How to Decide and Commit

When you take a job, commit to it. Even if it’s not the last job you’ll ever have. Even if it’s a stepping stone. Commit. 100%. When you work that hard, you get noticed. When you get noticed, opportunity comes your way. It’s a fact.

When you decide to run a business, commit to it. Know that there are many steps you must take on a daily basis to succeed and embrace those steps. Do it and do it without fail. Only then will your business grow into what you envisioned.

But if you take a job and do not focus, the results can be devastating. If you give your employer the impression that you do not appreciate your job, you will get replaced.

I believe that on the way to the top, we must have jobs to keep money coming in. And when we’re working, we must commit, focus, and work harder than everyone else. That’s the only way to move forward.

But moving forward can scare people because a lot of us are afraid of change.

Fear of Change Can Make Decision Making Difficult

Some people don’t mind change. Those are the lucky few who crave adventure and don’t live by anyone else’s rules.

But for most of us, change can be difficult. As human beings, we are hardwired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. We want to feel good, and that means being comfortable.

Change is nowhere near comfortable. And it’s a lot of work.

I suggest that you commit to making a change first. Understand that it’s time to make a decision and move on. Also, know that any change in a routine is going to bring its own problems and hassles. That’s the nature of the beast. Consider anything less than a gigantic pain in the rear a bonus.

The rewards of taking action far outweigh the benefits of standing still. Decide. Commit. Embrace it.

Bottom Line: Recognize when it’s time. Commit to the hard work that a change requires.

How to Know When to Make The Decision:

So many people doubt themselves. They doubt their abilities, their intelligence, and their right to their dreams. Doubt can freeze worse than ice.

But there’s a way to combat that.

When I feel doubt, I religiously follow these steps, and usually (I’m not perfect) I make the right decision.

Recognize that it’s time to decide: This is number 1. Don’t be that person who remains unhappy in a situation but who doesn’t do anything about it. If I go for more than a few days feeling dissatisfied with a certain situation, I know it’s time to change something. Now, that might not mean I need to change something big. There might be a minor issue that can shift in order for me to feel good again. But I just need to take care of it.

Listen to Your Instincts, and Ask for Advice

Pay Attention to your Gut: We all get busy and distracted. Sometimes it can be impossible to take time to reflect and think and determine if something is wrong. When that happens (and hey, if you’re too busy to stop and think for a moment, then there’s something else that might need to change) just listen to your gut. Are you nervous, tense, irritated, tired, stressed out? Chances are that something needs to change. Your nervous system will tell you.

Seek Wise Council: Sometimes we’re just too involved in our own world to know when and how to change. You’ve heard the expression, “can’t see the forest for the trees” right? In these cases, I like to go to a trusted mentor, friend, or family member and ask them what they think. The people who love you the most are going to want you to be happy.

When we decide, we can focus. When we focus, we achieve. It’s true. It’s logical. And it’s simple. Find your focus. Commit to it.



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