EPISODE 15 #PitchChris – Script Advice? Funding Your Project? Importance of Resume Credits?

EPISODE 15 #PitchChris Are you getting conflicting script advice? A new way to fund your project. How important are resume credits for a new actor? On this episode of pitch Chris I’m going to be talking to you guys today about how do you deal with conflicting advice when it comes to your script another […]

Find out what you are really good at and do what you enjoy!

Find out what you are really good at and what you enjoy! So this past couple of weeks i was actually speaking at a lot of the schools and colleges out here…and I was finding that there was a lot of students that are trying to break into the film business but they don’t know […]

5 Easy Ways to Work Smarter, and Not Harder

Hard work is absolutely the #1 key to success. But super-successful people always seem to get more done in the 24-hour day than the rest of us. Why? Because not only do they work harder, but they also work smarter. Working smarter isn’t as hard as you may think, but it does take planning. I’d like […]

Today Matters. How Will You Spend Your 24 Hours?

What We Choose to do Today Determines Our Tomorrow All we have in life is time, and how you spend your time determines how successful you are going to be. What you do today also starts a chain reaction for things to come. Think about it: if you exercise today, eat healthy today, and get twice […]

Follow Your Dream! Live Like Most People Can’t.

It Takes Hard Work to Follow Your Dream, But it’s Worth It! There’s a lot of people who are working a job or doing something that they truly don’t enjoy doing in life, and it’s hard. They have to wake up and push themselves every single day. And they have to continue to go to work […]