Don’t Stop Believing – CHRIS DEBLASIO

Did you stop believing in your dreams? Why? If you continue to believe in yourself and what is in your heart, you are one step closer to making those dreams a reality.

I want to talk to you guys about belief. I think a lot of times most people don’t achieve their dreams because they just simply stop believing in themselves, or they never get started because they don’t even believe that it can happen to them.

That is the biggest thing – to put your entire career, your entire dreams, everything to a halt, when you completely stop believing in what you’re capable of. The hardest thing for me was to believe that I could actually do it. The easiest thing was actually doing it. But I never stopped believing in the things I can do.

If you’re looking to start that business, or you’re an actor and you’re looking for that dream role, or you’re a writer and one day you want to see your script being produced on the big screen, don’t ever stop believing. Don’t ever stop believing. Continue to believe that it’s possible, that it can happen to you.

Once you guys can do that, once you guys believe that it can happen to you and you don’t give up and you work super hard to go get it, you’re going to wake up one morning and realize it’s happened. But it all started with that belief. If you don’t have that belief in yourself, it’s going to be very hard to see your dream all the way through.

Don’t stop believing.

[Music] Don’t stop believing, hold on to that…

I thought you guys would like that.

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