EPISODE 14 – #PitchChris – New In Town? Entertainment Jobs? Show Your Talent to A Casting Director

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Episode #14 of #PitchChris is here!

Do you need answers to:

Are you new in town and need to get on that first production.. what do you do?

Are entertainment jobs ONLY on set?

How do you showcase your talent to a casting director?

Find out on #PitchChris Episode 14.

On this episode of #PitchChris new in town how do you get on that first production? Are the only jobs in the entertainment business on set? And if you’re an actor what is the best way to showcase your talent to a casting director? Hi and welcome to episode 14 of #PitchChris where you guys ask me questions about the entertainment business and I’m gonna answer them for you to ask me a question find me on social media at Chris DeBlasio #PitchChris and I’ll be happy to answer all the questions you have this first question comes from Taylor let’s see what she’s got to say.

I have a question for Chris as a writer producer and someone who also likes working on the set how do you think what’s the best way to get in to get on a set in a new city like I just moved to Atlanta and like literally eight days ago and I would like to get on more sets and network with other people for you know writing and you know set work so how would I go about that?

Hey Taylor first off welcome to Atlanta. So yes it’s very important to get on a set and start networking so in order to do that you want to do a couple of things number one why not offer some of your services for free? If you don’t have any contacts find some of the productions that are happening out here in Atlanta and see you mentioned that you’re a writer maybe you could do some script coverage for a producer or helping out on the side just to get in. Also if you’ve never PA’d before doing PA work is great because if you’re a producer in the industry it allows you to see what everybody does and the job functions which is gonna be very important when you’re producing a project and of course while you’re on set you’re building relationships, you’re making contacts, so when the opportunity arises for you either to write or produce you’re gonna have those contacts to get started.

Hi my name is Joseph Hudon I’ve lived in Atlanta for about a year. I currently work at a prop shop called Studio Service Group. We to rent and build props for various productions and events in Atlanta. I think one of the most important questions I had when I came up to Atlanta was how do I get a job in the industry?


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