Celebrity CEO -008 Meeting another A-Lister

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Celebrity CEO -008 Meeting another A-Lister

We are flying American Airlines from Atlanta to…. sir? electronic devices need to be turned off. we produce a show called Unscripted with Beth and Greer which is a lot of fun. So we get a chance to interview a lot of A- listers and one of those people was Edward Norton – writer, producer, director and star. – I really appreciate his work especially as a young actor and I found out what acting coaches and what school he went to in New York so obviously, I wanted to get the same type of training. So a lot of people don’t know this but we actually had the similar type of training and it’s great to see Edward in a film like Motherless Brooklyn. – This character is so unique he’s such… I would say the initial core the whole thing that hooked me was him. He’s in the tradition of let’s say, you know like a Forest Gump or a Rain Man not that he’s not not that his unique condition is the same as those but it is it is a unique blend of afflictions and gifts that you have never seen. – The chance to actually sit down with the man himself which was really cool so C-Level is a show that we do where I’m interviewing CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, we talk about leadership we talk about business but it’s interesting about C-Level and I never saw myself as a host per se give me a script let me read for a role put me in front of the camera but this whole host thing thing was different till I realized that it’s a great way to network with people to meet people in the community and just you know kind of get a pulse of what’s going on in Atlanta in the business scene. After the show started launching we started getting a lot of people asking to be on the show so I’m really excited to see what with the next several episodes of have in store. So we’re actually at the Georgia Film Festival and I was asked to speak on a panel talking about the health of the entertainment business here in Georgia also film financing is another popular topic that we usually speak on. one of the biggest things but also distribution. What I love about film festivals is a lot of independent filmmakers get their stuff screened there in hopes of getting it picked up in a distributor and it’s a great way to get your work out there. It’s all about network and

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