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What does an Executive Producer Do in the movie business? YouTube – Chris DeBlasio= Facebook – Chris DeBlasio= : Instagram- Chris DeBlasio= : IMDb- Chris DeBlasio= : Twitter @Chris_DeBlasio = : Website- = : LinkedIn- Chris DeBlasio = : An executive producer generally handles the financial piece […]

Committed People Are More Successful Than Comfortable People

Only The Ones Who Are 100% Committed Find Success Are you committed to your success? Let me tell you about people who are not. Every once in a while, someone will come up to me and say, “Hey Chris, it’s really cool what you are doing. I wish I could do that,” Or, “I have […]

Find out what you are really good at and do what you enjoy!

Find out what you are really good at and what you enjoy! So this past couple of weeks i was actually speaking at a lot of the schools and colleges out here…and I was finding that there was a lot of students that are trying to break into the film business but they don’t know […]

Don’t Stop Believing – CHRIS DEBLASIO

Did you stop believing in your dreams? Why? If you continue to believe in yourself and what is in your heart, you are one step closer to making those dreams a reality. I want to talk to you guys about belief. I think a lot of times most people don’t achieve their dreams because they […]

CEO’s and Leaders!!!! You need to start branding yourself YESTERDAY!

You need to start branding yourself YESTERDAY! If you’re not focusing on your brand now if you don’t get started you’re going to get buried period. You’re gonna get buried and that’s what I told him I said every day that went by that we didn’t have this meeting and I know it’s only been […]

Consistent Schedules and Disciplined Habits Always Lead to Success

A lot of people are asking me what I do to stay disciplined. Beyond the obvious: that I decide and commit to my goals and then I follow through — there is one powerful habit that literally changed the course of my life. I believe in following consistent schedules. Every single morning I wake up […]

Life is valuable how are you spending it?

Life is valuable… how are you spending it? So I want to hit you with something this morning On your way to work I want you to think about something when you get on the highway and you are doing 65,70,75 MPH if you drive fast the only thing the ONLY thing that is separating […]

Follow Your Dream! Live Like Most People Can’t.

It Takes Hard Work to Follow Your Dream, But it’s Worth It! There’s a lot of people who are working a job or doing something that they truly don’t enjoy doing in life, and it’s hard. They have to wake up and push themselves every single day. And they have to continue to go to work […]

How A Sense of Urgency Creates Success: It’s Got to be Life and Death

Create Success with a Sense of Urgency: It’s Got to Be Life or Death This morning, as I went out for my daily jog, something happened in my head that made me realize the correlation between feeling a sense of urgency and being able to consistently create success in life. As I was running, I […]

ADVICE: Do your roots go deep enough to weather HURRICANE FORCE WINDS???

Do your roots go deep? Can you weather the storm when it comes? Get a good support system! I don’t want to get to metaphorical with you guys today But I did want to show you something. I am actually here… I have some property in North West Florida… Where Hurricane Michael hit… I want […]