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Timing For A Screenplay To A Movie? Getting Your Script Seen, Can You Break The Rules?

Today on #Pitch Chris, we’re going to find out: how long does it take to get your screenplay to turn into a movie? How can you get your script seen if you are an unknown writer? And can you break the rules in this industry? Hi, and welcome to Episode 3 of #Pitch Chris, where […]

If a producer tells you “NO” what do you do? #PitchChris | Chris DeBlasio

When Pitching your script to a producer, if they tell you they are not looking for that particular genre at this time, what should you do? Hey Monica, that is a great question. My first words of advice to you: don’t worry, because a lot of times if you’re pitching your script to a producer […]

Are You Dealing With Setbacks? | Chris DeBlasio

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and unexpected things happen to us that are out of our control. The most important thing to know is how we respond to these situations is what makes all the difference. Don’t let your setbacks hold you back! As an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Chris DeBlasio, founder of Agency […]

How To Market Your Movie? Gauging Your Success? Making Your Script Most Attractive For A Producer?

Today on #Pitch Chris, we’re going to be talking about how to market your movie. What is the best way to gauge your success? And how do you make your script most attractive for a producer? Hey, welcome to Episode 2 of #Pitch Chris, where I’m going to take questions from you guys and I’m […]


I was invited to speak at the Creative + Investor pitch event where we covered topics such as Movie Fund Raising, Film Tax Incentives, Distribution, Product Placement, and Pitching your Script. ABOUT CHRIS DEBLASIO As an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Chris DeBlasio, founder of Agency 850 and 850 Entertainment, has an entrepreneurial spirit and a […]

Chris DeBlasio | Having A Job Outside The Movie Business

There Is Nothing Wrong With Having a JOB Outside The Entertainment Business! Good For You Geoffrey Owens #HardWork and #Hustle Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of! I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention to the news lately, but Geoffrey Owens, who used to be on ‘The Cosby Show’, recently there were some […]

When a Producer Says “NO,” Supporting Your Career, & Shady People | #PitchChris – CHRIS DEBLASIO

On this episode of #PitchChris, we’re going to be talking about what do you do when a producer says “no,” how do you support your career with a “jobby” job, and how do you find out if somebody’s shady in this business? Hey, welcome to Episode 1 of #PitchChris, where you guys have questions about […]

Are You Giving Back?

How are you giving back? You don’t have to wait to be a millionaire to start giving back. You don’t need to have money at all, you can donate your time, your gifts, your talents to help others in need. I can promise you there is no greater feeling then to help someone in need. […]