#PitchChris Episode 18!! Audition Preparation – Making Idea into Reality – Important Film Festivals

On this episode of #PitchChris, First time
on an audition, what do you need to have with
you to be prepared, got an idea, who are the
people you need to hire around you to make
sure that your idea happens and we all know
about the Atlanta film festival, but what
are the other film festivals you need to know
Hi and welcome to episode 18 of #PitchChris,
where you guys give me questions about the
entertainment business and I’m going to answer
them for you.
To ask me a question, find me on social media
@ChrisDeBlasio #PitchChris and I’ll be happy
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Let’s get rolling.
Alright, so Chris this is my 8th day in Atlanta
and I just did a casting call for the first
time and I learned that I should bring my
So what other little things, how can I get
involved as quickly as efficiently as possible
early on.
First off, welcome to the ATL.
Second, when you walk into a casting room
you want to make sure that you have your resume,
you also want to have a headshot with you
but most importantly, you need to have your
lines memorized.
If you’re going in for a role, you want to
make sure that you’re completely off book
and you’re totally in character because that
is what is going to be your ticket to actually
booking the job.
So after you have all of that, you’re going
to be entering the casting room and there
is going to be as you know people behind,
maybe a desk or behind the camera, you can
say hi but don’t interact with them, don’t
feel the need to go shake their hand or anything
like that.
Just go in there, ask where your mark is and
then deliver your line.
If they give you say a direction, sometimes
you get really good casting directors that
say you know I really like that but can you
try it this way.
When they tell you that, that’s a key sign
that they’re interested.
They just want to see it a little bit different
and when they give you that instruction they
also want to see if you can handle those instructions
and change on a dime because that does happen
on a set.
So make sure you have your resume, your headshot,
you’re off book, don’t interact directly with
any of the casting people or people behind
the camera.
Make sure you nail that role so you book the
job next time.
Hello world, this is Denika Donahue from Chicago, Illinois.
I am an actress and as an actress, I am also
writing my first film.
So I’m breaking into the role of film/producer.
My message is for Chris or my question is
for Chris.
I should say.
Chris when you’re breaking into different
attributes of the industry, how do you find
the entities to stay with your vision and
budgeting when you do not have the funds to
present your film to a lot of film festivals.
Hey Denika, so it sounds like what you’re
looking for is for professionals to package
up your entire project, get it together and
get in on screen.
So what you’d be looking for is producers.
Different types of producers right so you
have producers that do budgeting.
you have creative producers.
you have executive producers that find the
money for you.
Those are the people that you want to seek
out and you want to bring into your project,
but it all starts with your pitch.
You mentioned about your creative vision,
those are the people that you want to pitch
and you want to put your team together and
then they’ll be able to help you with their
contacts and who they know in the industry
to help get your project off the ground.
So, Chris, I must ask for directors, what
are some of the most important festivals to
submit to.
Hey Troy, so there are a lot of markets and
film festivals that you can submit your project
to like the AFM and the Atlanta Film Festival
which I highly recommend you to submit to
but I’m going to give you the top three where
a majority of the deals are made.
Toronto, Cannes, and Sundance.
Those are the three majors where a lot of
producers and a lot of production companies
are taking meetings to find that next raw
So while your project is being screened there,
make sure you make those connections so your
project is the next one that takes off.
So that’s all for today’s episode.
To send me a question find me on social media
@ChrisDeBlasio #PitchChris and I’ll be happy
to answer all of the questions you guys have.

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