How Do I Turn My Novel into a Great TV Show?

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How Do I Turn My Novel into a Great TV Show?

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I wrote a novel but I think would make a great TV Show. What now?
Well my first question back to you is… do you possess the skills to create a screen play, adapt a screenplay for…
from your novel? Because a lot of times writers have two different skill sets. Writers may not possess that.
So, in that case, take it to somebody. If you do and you are actually able to create a screenplay from
from your original novel… the next step is to refine it. Ask friends, family, and people that are closest to you first…
to get really good feedback and then you want industry professionals to start refining it down. After you have done that and have a rock solid script…
you are going to want to build your sixty second pitch.
Where you are going to be able to tell the story in 60-seconds or less if you are in an elevator with a producer.
or you finally get in the room and you are going to pitch this to an investor
or producer or studio.. or what ever it may be.. and that would be the next step that you take it…
before you actually turn it into your TV show.

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