#PitchChris Episode 19! Table Reads on Resume? Background to Speaking Actor? Need Agent but No Credits?

#PitchChris Episode 19 is here!!


Should you put table reads on your resume?

Want to go from background actor to Speaking actor?

Need a talent agent but don’t have any credits?




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On this episode of #PitchChris, If you are an actor should you put a Table Read on your resume, how do you go from background actor to getting some speaking lines and you got the training but no credits, can you land a talent agent?Hi and Welcome to episode 19 of #PitchChris where you guys ask me questions about the entertainment business and I’m going to answer them for you. To ask me a question find me on social media at Chris DeBlasio and I’ll be happy to answer all the questions you guys have. This first question comes from Velvet. Let’s see what he’s got to say. Greetings Chris, my name is Velvet Hall. I am an actor from Milledgeville, Georgia and here is my question. This year at Atlanta Peachtree Village International Film Festival, I participated in four table reads over the course two days. My question to you is, is this something that I could list on my acting resume and if so where exactly would I put it. So when it comes to table readings for all the people out there that don’t know exactly what a table reading is, it’s when the principal actors or sometimes not the principal actors go in for a table read they all sit around a table and they read the lines of the characters in a lot of times there are the you know there’s a director in the room and executive producer sometimes in the room with everybody but as far as getting that on your resume I really wouldn’t put that on your resume unless you’re one of the principles in the movie because then it isn’t going to actually turn into a credit on your resume but table reads are not really that important to put on your resume. What casting directors and people that are in the business want to see on your resume is the actual work that you have done so unless you are the principal in that project I would leave that off your resume however when you are in a table read you’re going to want to talk to you know in network with some of the people that are in that room so let’s say you were brought in and you’re not one of the principles you’re just reading for this role, network with the people that are in the room and you know sometimes they haven’t cast those rolls yet so you may have a little bit of a chance, a little bit of an edge to try to land that role if they like the way that you read so keep that in mind but I’d keep it off the resume. Hi, my name is Joe. I’m a working background actor in the Atlanta area and I’d like to earn some speaking roles. What advice would you give me? Hey Joe, thanks for your question so as a background actor it’s great that you’re doing that work just starting out because what you’re doing you’re getting on set but how do you actually get a speaking role out of that. Well, I’ll tell you a couple of things that you can leverage. The fact that you’re actually on a set as a background actor it’s giving you access to all these people that are working on set and what I always talk about is networking. Talk to all the people on set, get to know the people. if you have a chance to talk to the director. Whatever just network on set, try not to bother anybody while they’re working but if they’re over at craft Services strike up a conversation and I’ll tell you what could happen and this has actually happened to me a couple of times is you actually can get featured as a background actor right so you’re now featuring. You’re in the shot next to you know say a name list talent but then you could also may even get lines that way which has actually happened to me before. Where I was brought on a show just as an extra and then eventually I was featured and then eventually I started getting some lines and then I started working which turned into a recurring role so those things actually do happen but it all starts with networking, knowing the people around you and then also obviously you know you want to get those rolls so when you want to submit yourself for these speaking gigs you can put on your resume you know just starting out if you want to put it on as like a featured extra and so and so or just put featured on your resume but still submit yourself to those speaking roles. That’s going to actually get you those those speaking gigs but while you’re a background actor make sure you’re networking onset. Hey Chris, this is Elle. So I was wondering what is your feedback on getting an agent when you don’t have that many film credits however you have a lot of training and a lot of theater experience. Hey Elle, so getting an agent before you have any credits, it’s great that you actually have the training so there are some agents that may take you based on your training but I would say a majority of the agents are going to take you on based on what you’ve done in the past and here’s the reason why. If you have gone out and you’ve gotten work and you’ve booked work by yourself without an agent what that shows an agent is that you’ve done this on your own and you invested in your career and you’ve done all the hard work and you’ve submitted yourself on these rolled and you book these jobs. It shows that you’re dedicated to your craft and that’s going to make you that much more attractive when that resume crosses an agent’s desk so they actually give you a call and bring you in for an interview. So I would recommend build up your resume and do self-submissions before you actually get that agent on board and partner with them. So that’s all for today’s episode. Thank you for all of the questions. If you guys have a question about the entertainment business, find me on social media @ChrisDeBlasio #PitchChris and I’ll be happy to answer all the questions you guys have!

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