Actors: How do you brand yourself?

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Actors: How do you brand yourself?

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Hey Chris Keith Kraft here, we are on set here my production that’s gonna be a blues of Christmas and the merry blues of Christmas but anyways I love your show. So my question for you is as an actors, working actor I know there’s a publicist out there that help us you know promote our image funds we have one. But my question is how do you really get that image? I know I talk to a lot of acting instructors they’re like “oh you got a brand yourself first and then you know really work that image and then you can move on to a you know kind of expand from those roles” so if there are companies out there that are really great for like developing an image for actors and stuff like that, that’s what I’d really like to know you know where do we reach out to them and stuff like that. If they have you know certain you know people they’d like to work with and you know type of costs and stuff like that involved so that’s my question to you and look forward to working with you and I’ll talk to you real soon thanks so much. Hey Keith personal branding is huge for an actor and let me tell you the reason why, because producers like myself are gonna be looking for actors that have a huge following a lot of films most films actually are funded by a-list talent well that a list talent has a following and the reason why producers love putting a-list talent in their movies is because it puts butts in seats. We know that because of that following we know people are gonna go see that movie so as a working actor developing your image and putting your brand out there is gonna be very important because you’re increasing your value. The more followers that you have so that yes there are companies that out there you can grab yourself a publicist. Publicists help a lot with your image our company Agency 850 we do a lot of branding for corporate CEOs but we also do branding for people in the entertainment business so give us a shout if you’re looking for some representation on branding yourself but that’s very important as an actor because you want to be able to have that image out there and increase your value.

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