What are the legal issues surrounding Covid 19? | C-Level

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What are the legal issues surrounding Covid 19? | C-Level

If you’re just sitting back and
hoping that the government is gonna come
in and save you. That’s gonna
put you in a very bad
position. So Lee, I’m really excited to
have you on my episode today. We’ve got a
lot of topics that we want to talk about
but one of the things that I think is
really important that a lot of people
want to know about is a lot of the
legal issues around what’s going on and
just everything that’s going on in
society right now with Covid 19. So
Lee Davis thank you so much for coming
on the show. – Absolutely, I’m glad
to be here. I think it’s a very timely
topic and I think there’s a lot
of things that maybe people could
hear and maybe help make them feel a
little bit better about their situation.
Yeah, so Lee we’ve been friends for a
long time but for the people that
don’t know you out there let me get your
background. How did you get where
you’re from? How’d you get started? How’d you
get started in the law. That type stuff.
– Sure, well I have somewhat humble
beginnings I guess. I grew up in
Louisville, Kentucky. My
family was not wealthy. We weren’t super
poor either, but we
put our heads down and got through it.
All through life, my parents gave me a
great upbringing. They gave me great
opportunities and I managed to not throw
all of those opportunities away and one
of the opportunities I got was once I
discovered that I wanted to go to law
school, I was able to go to law school.
So since 1997 I’ve been a practicing
civil litigator in the state of Georgia
and I handle all types of different
cases. Primarily I do what’s called
commercial litigation that is usually
litigation or lawsuits between two
businesses about some aspect of their
business sometimes it’s representing banks
sometimes it’s representing small or
medium-sized businesses

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