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Is pushing content more valuable than money? Here what digital marketing coach Jason Swenk thinks as he talks with Chris DeBlasio.

Content is the new currency. Content is the new currency providing value and pushing content because that is all that we have right now. Great episode, I mean just talking about everything that’s going on especially the agency world and advertising and social media. So welcome! – Yeah man, thanks for having me on. It’s crazy times but you know with any crazy times there’s always opportunity. I love that. That’s the biggest thing is if you can see the opportunity in the midst of the craziness I think that’s what is going to keep you going and keep everything else going around you. – Yeah I mean you can’t just you can’t focus on the negative. I mean hopefully, everybody’s being safe and are healthy. My thoughts are with them but you know on a business front it’s kind of like all right here’s an opportunity for you to kind of really leverage you know but you got to kind of survive to thrive first and sometimes its pivot depending on the industries that you’re targeting to ya know. – It’s so important especially now, times like this and I’ve been talking about this on a lot of different podcasts I’ve been doing. But it forces us to innovate and you know guys like us… it’s just something that we do but people that are like “so hey business has always been done this way” it’s stretching them and then it’s forcing them to innovate and change their business model to adapt to what’s happening right now. I think that’s really important. – Yeah, I mean it’s it’s nuts. I always feel bad for the people that said, “we have always done it this way” and I’m like, well you’re not gonna be doing it that much longer could you be head of a business. – yeah you always have to innovate

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